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Unique “swingthought” GOLF
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 Swingswot Golf Swing Lessons & Wristbands. The Unique Range.
Most golfers forever seek more distance, more accuracy, or more consistency. But few achieve anything like their potential. Many resign themselves to mediocrity, some at an early stage. Why?
Quite simply, they never learn all the golf swing essentials. Would they learn to drive a car that way? Even if they try to learn they are bombarded by a plethora of disconnected, incomplete, sometimes incomprehensible advice from (forgotten) videos/lessons, magazine articles, or so called “hot-tips”.

Swingswot pocket lessons and wristbands change all that. They uniquely provide the golf swing in one convenient unforgettable “nutshell”… eight hip pocket lessons detailing all the essentials and secrets of the golf swing, from grip to follow through, plus four lessons covering the “no-no`s”, each lesson supported by a unique individual swingthought “Wrist Reminder” to focus on at address.

Each concise lesson details not only the what and how, but also explains why. They fully explain:

1. The Grip.  

2. The Set Up.   

3. Rhythm, Tempo & Timing.   

4. The Back Swing.   

5. Weight Transfer and Balance.   

6. Top of the Swing / Transfer   

7. Downswing.   

8. Follow through.   

9. Head movement.   

10. Slicing/pulls.   

11. Hooking/pushing.   

12. The mental approach.  
Perfecting the universally popular Vardon or overlapping grip…thumb positions…finger, not palm grip…strong/weak grip…the “V” formation…importance of correct grip pressure.

ASP..…alignment, stance, posture. A thorough, convenient check list and full explanation of these  three essentials and why they are so important.

Our favourite lesson! The best on this subject, in our view. Few golfers can define, let alone distinguish them. Can you? The 3:1 ratio of backswing  to downswing. A must!

Explanation of the one piece takeaway… wide arc … full shoulder turn, if possible... the do`s and don’ts on the way to the top of the swing.

How to rotate but not sway during the whole swing and achieve proper weight transfer and balance for a swing that looks AND feels good for consistent striking.

How to finish the backswing properly… avoiding the “piccolo” grip.

Think left side lead…avoiding “casting”…the chain reaction…uncocking the wrists.

Accelerating through the ball…follow through, not round...high balanced finish.

The no.1 problem. Its causes, consequences and how to cure it permanently. …why “head down” is NOT the answer.

A very detailed list of all the causes… and the cures.


An interesting take on how to confidently do it…and also…not do it!
Needing to overhaul your swing?
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